Our Annual Report


Our students participate in the NAPLAN testing program but with our small enrollment we do not publicly report their results as it could indentify the results of individual students. Generally speaking, all of our students score in the average or above average range.


We have a very dedicated staff at Hinchinbrook Christian School. They consist of Becky Jaworski (Principal–B. Sc.), Debra Minnick (Distance Education Coordinator–B. Sc., M.A.) and Amy Jaworski (Teacher's Aide–Gr. 8 AMEB piano & presently working on a degree in Primary Education). These staff members receive $500 to use toward their 20 hours of professional development each year. Development included workshops, staff presentations, review of books/periodicals and participation in DVD instruction. Our Average Staff Attendance for 2016 was 100% and the proportion of staff retained from 2015 was 100%.

Helpers are a treasured resource to Hinchinbrook Christian School. This year Mr and Mrs Weston, Miss Jodie Clark, Miss Sarah Minnick, Mrs Grace Zatta and Mrs Jessica Blake all gave of their time and of themselves to enhance the educational experience of our students.    


The average attendance rate was 100% for students in 2016. Parents are required to inform the school if their student will not be attending class for the day. Arrangements are made between teacher and parents to continue their school program at home if the non attendance is for any length of time.


In 2013 there was no student enrolled in year 9. In 2016 there was no student enrolled in year 12.

Propotion of Staff retained from 2015 was 100%.


Our school has received Attributes of Accreditation from the Non-State Accreditation Board for both classroom and distance education in Prep to Grade 12. Our students do not receive any Senior Statements, Queensland Certificates of Individual Achievement, Queensland Certificates of Education at the end of Year 12, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Vocational Education and Training qualification, School-based Apprenticeships or Traineeships or an Overall Position. 

Our year 12 students upon graduation receive a Grade 12 Certificate issued by the school. The school supports our graduates as they individually negotiate with various universities, TAFE colleges or seek apprenticeships/traineeships in the work force. To date, all of our graduates who have desired to go on to higher education have been accepted and been successful in their pursuits. 


This survey of our post-school destinations was achieved by contacting the parents of our former students and asking them about the achievements and future plans of their students. All of the parents were happy to comply with our survey. Our main destinations were: Further Education; Apprenticeships/Traineeships; Full-time work; No further education or work. Our graduates are as follows.

2007 Graduate–Two students. One completed Bachelor and a Masters Degree in Piano Performance at University and is now working on a Doctors Degree in Organ; one completed a certificate in Photography and completing a course at Bible College.

2008 Graduate–None.

2009 Graduate–One student–working on a Nursing degree in Midwifery.

2010 Graduate–One student–Qualified Builder.

2011 Graduate–One student completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and is beginning work on a Masters Degree.

2012 Graduate–One student who completed a Certificate in Business and is pursuing a medical imaging degree.

2013 Graduate–One student is successfully farming full time on the family farm.

2014 Graduate–None.

2015 Graduate–None.

Graduates in Further Education (purple); in Aprrenticeship/Traineeship (blue); in Full Work (green); no Work or further education (red)

Chart of Graduates


Education Fees                                             $4 580

Donations                                                      $3 205 

Qld. Govt. Recurrent Funding                     $20 918

Commonwealth Recurrent Funding          $119 310

Interest                                                         $   413

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