Our School

Twelve students were enrolled in Hinchinbrook Christian School in 2015. Of these, eight were engaged in schooling in Ingham–6 were primary students (four girls and two boys) and two were high school students (one girl and one boy). The remaining four students were in our distance education program - three primary students (two boys and one girl) and one high school student (one boy).

Besides the usual emphasis on academics and sports, students at HCS are encouraged to develop their Christian responsibility toward others. Regular Christian service opportunities are provided for the students through their classroom interaction, visits to nursing homes and participation in church activities. High school students are encouraged to do the "Teens 'n Training" (leadership development program) offered to them through Camp Benaiah.

HCS seeks to develop a family atmosphere in which all the students seek to help each other. Parents are encouraged to assist in the education of their students by  supervising homework, helping in the classroom if their schedule permits and maintaining regular communication with staff. Our annual survey of parents continues to register close to 100% satisfaction with the school's philosophy, educational procedures, management and staff. Students are happy and content with the school with most students expressing disappointment when unable to attend school because of ill health. The staff and management committee have all been associated with the school for may years and provide stability and experience to the educational program. For further information about Hinchinbrook Christian School contact the Principal–Becky Jaworski.


Early in the year we were able to take a ride on the old Queensland Rail steam train to celebrate 150 years of travel on the Queensland Railway. It was a great treat for all of the students to sit on the wooden seats, see the bunks that came down from the ceiling and imagine what it was like to ride the train 150 years ago. We saw how they fired the engine with coal and heard the special steam whistle. Seeing our local district from a new perspective was a real treat for all of us!

The highlight of the year for the high school students was our opportunity to visit Canberra. We had fun trying experiments and free-falling at Questacon, walks to Lake Burley Griffin, seeing our amazing Parliament House and especially visiting the War Memorial. It was sobering to hear over a loudspeaker the voice of a young person every few seconds giving the name and age of a soldier that had given his or her life for our freedom. That was a very special place! How thankful we are that we live in a land where we are free to love and serve God!

School Concert

For our school concert, the students presented two plays – Sir Humphreys Honeystands and Charlie Colson: Drummer Boy. The younger students performed Sir Humphrey which illustrated Jesus' parable  of the wicked servant and the need for forgiveness. The high school students' play, Charlie Colson, was based on a true story that took place during the American Civil War. The students all worked hard learning their lines and music and enjoyed dressing in period costumes and acting out their parts.

Christian Service:

Our students are encouraged to use their talents for the Lord. They have opportunities to go as a school to some of the nursing homes in the community and sing or play their instruments. The High School students have opportunities for Christian service and leadership training through the "Teens in Training" program at Camp Benaiah. Individually, the students are encouraged to serve in their churches with special music or the reciting of Scripture that they have memorised.


Visitors broaden the outlook of our students and expose them to new lands and cultures. We had Miss Joyce Yip from Malaysia visit us this year. She shared with us things about her homeland and also gave us a lesson in writing and speaking Chinese.  It was very fascinating. Dr. & Mrs. Matzko and the BJU Team from the States visited and shared a presentation and music with our students. Dr. Matzko, a university chemistry professor, did science experiments in which the students could participate and be encouraged to see how fascinating the study of science could be. 

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